Within several years firm   "Rainbow"   successfully works in the pharmaceutical market of Russia. We are the direct suppliers of the Russian factories - manufacturers, therefore at us the very low prices. A warehouse and office at us are together, that guarantees fast and faultless service.

For convenience of the buyers we constantly expand of assortment, and we offer the most popular preparations, depending on a season and demand, with which it is possible to familiarize here.

At your service flexible system of the discounts, individual approach to each client. We are interested in long-term cooperation, therefore each buyer can expect for the first class level of service and we with pleasure take into account wishes of our clients.    
We carry out delivery of the goods on Stavropol   and on all Russia and near foreign countries through the transport companies. We help the regional clients to choose the transport company with the most favourable conditions of delivery.
As we give additional services, for example renewal of the All-Russia certificates of conformity addressed to the customer. The procedure borrows on the average 3-4 days.      
If goods in which you feel necessity is not present in our price-list - safely address to our managers. They will undertake your cares of search of this or that preparation.
As it is necessary to pay attention that you can conclude with us the currency contract of a commission, and in questions of payment to not depend from a rate of dollar, that will be doubtless not only conveniently, but also it is favourable.
It is possible to familiarize with the contract of a commission and other contracts here.
We closely concern to wishes of our clients, therefore if you have offers or remarks on work of firm, to them with pleasure will listen here. It is possible to familiarize with our essential elements here.  

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